Nothing bothers me more than a hipster who tries too hard to act and dress like a hipster. I am talking about the kind that only shops at Goodwill and American Apparel. The kind that wears dark-rimmed ray ban glasses when they have perfect vision. The kind that only wears side-swept bangs and messy shag hair-cuts. A hipster wants their outfit to like they didn't try at all ("effortlessly cool") and just threw an outfit together but when all is said and done there is no possible way this was effortless...

or this... 
I think this beard looks just a little hard to maintain...
or this...

From my Paws to yours,

Socks and Sandals Prohibited in Public

I really hope that no one reading this blog wear sandals and socks, but I am assuming you know someone who does. Maybe your dad? Or your Aunt Cathy from Arizona? This blog post is about enlisting your help in one of this country's biggest fashion faux paw... sandals and socks. If you know anyone who is guilty of this faux paw, please help them to stop, it is for their own good, and of course mine too! 
From My Paws to yours, 

The Scrunchie: It's Back.

Ladies and Gentleman, the rumor is true... the scrunchie is back and honestly I don't know why.
At first I thought it would just go away quietly... but unfortunately for everyone it might be here to stay. This a perfect example of American Apparel bringing back every bad '80s hair accessory and for $4 too! Scrunchies are fashion suicide, and no one since the '80s should be wearing them, except maybe Kimmy Gibbler of Full House.

Consider yourself warned.

From My Paws to Yours,


At first, when Toms hit the fashion scene, I was skeptical. Honestly, they were just too trendy. After a few months of contemplation, I decided to go for it and buy the plain grey ones which I absolutely adore! I did go through the love-hate phase with them because first off, Toms are poorly made and second Toms are pretty ugly. But I decided I am not here to tell you that Toms are a fashion faux paw because I don't believe they are, however I am here to tell you that SOME Toms are. Just yesterday Toms released a new collection of shoes, and I have never been so nauseous! Sorry for the dramatic choice of word, but it was the first one to come to mind. Check them out:

Really? Glitter and cheetah print...
A wedged-Tom is never a good idea

So the jury is out, what's the verdict? Are Toms pretty or just pretty ugly? 

From My Paws to Yours,

Kitten Heels: The Fashion Trend I Love to Hate

I asked you all to tweet at me your favorite fashion faux paw and I would dedicate a post to your favorite fashion mistake. So here it goes...
There's no excuse for kitten heels, and if you have one, I honestly don't want to hear it. I am sorry to be harsh, but I have to be honest. I really do think kitten heels (and by kitten heels, I mean any heels less than 2 inches) are the worst fashion trend... ever. The point of a heel is to elongate the leg, and the kitten heel does nothing of the sort. In my opinion if your not going to wear heels over 3 inches tall I say "go flat or go home" and I mean it. I understand that women find kitten heels to be very comfortable, but so are flats, and sandals. So really, there is no excuse. 

It's simple. Kitten heels are ugly. There is a reason why they call them the ugly step-sister of the stiletto. 

So let me know- what do you think of kitten heels? Love to hate 'em too? 

From My Paws to Yours,


Orange Tanned Skin

One of the biggest fashion faux paw you can commit is over use of fake tanning products.
It's easy to look like an oompa loompa... or the Princess of the Jersey Shore... Snooki. 

It is just so unnatural and actually scary looking. It is really easy to avoid this fashion faux pas, just be careful when fake tanning. I promise you, orange isn't your color.

From my Paws to yours,


To Fanny or Not to Fanny?

Fanny packs are a clear fashion versus function issue. But as you probably know, I am always opting for fashion rather than function and to be honest it bothers me when others don't do the same.

Each year a few designers create fanny packs and people buy them just because they are Dolce and Gabbana, or Prada. Most memorably, the Gucci "waist bag" worn by Carrie Bradshaw, just because Carrie did it, doesn't mean you should.

And now, the hipster kids over at American Apparel decided to make the 90's fashion a trend again.

Decades after fanny packs were all the rage, they are starting to creep back on the scene. But honestly they are too small to hold any of your stuff to begin with, so why bother with the humiliation and risk looking like Hulk Hogan himself. 

From my Paws to yours,


Black Friday: it's the most wonderful time of the year

It's Black Friday... the most wonderful time of the year. And the only day of the year I wake up before noon. 6:30am I was up and out the door... along with most of New York City. So after a whole day of running through the city I wanted to give you some advice how to avoid a fashion faux pas on Black Friday... 

1. Find out what stores are having sales, and decide where you want to go in advance.
2. Make a list of what you need. The sales can be blinding and it is easy to loose sight of what you really need versus a good deal. 
3. Bring a friend to help you tackle the merchandise, or the other crazy customers who are attacking each other to get the last pair of pumps.
4. Dress comfortably, but make sure you don't commit a fashion faux pas and wear sneakers. Flats and jeans are the perfect outfit. 

From my paws to yours,


Fashtastrophy : A fashion disaster, fashion victim, fashion faux paw; wearing a regular clothing item in a way that highlights your incompatibility with the selection. 

I thought I would define "fashtastrophy" for all of you considering I use it in the majority of my posts. 

Here are some examples of a Fashtastrophy: 
-Anything worn by Lady Gaga.
-Shoulder Pads anytime after 1992. 
-Sandals and Socks 

From my Paws to yours,



I am a firm believer that the etymology of Uggs comes from the word "ugly". Uggs are the worst fashion trend of 2003 and apparently are here to stay. Unlike the other fashion faux pas I have been blogging about, I actually own and wear this faux pas. Even though I own them, I agree they are the worst fashion statement to come to America. Uggs make feet look really big, they are expensive, obnoxious, they aren't even waterproof and they are probably the least attractive/sexy shoe around. 
But if your like me and have a love/ hate relationship with them and can't seem to get rid of the fashion faux pas, here are some pointers on how to wear them to avoid a fashtastrophy:

-Do not buy them in any colors, prints or glitter
-Do not wear them with mini skirts, especially not denim minis
-Never wear them in warm weather
-Never wear uggs with bare-leggs
-Do not wear them to work, or actually out of the house unless your running a quick errand or going to the library 

From my Paws to yours,



Horrendous Holiday Sweaters

The holidays are upon us and so is ugly sweater season! The holidays bring out joy and happiness, as well as some of the most horrendous sweaters ever made. It is not easy to make an ugly sweater look good, I don't care how hard you try. So here I am, asking you before you bring your decade old sweater out of the closet to wear this thanksgiving, just give it to Goodwill. Actually I take that back, burn it because if given to Goodwill, I can guarantee that some hipster with skinny jeans will buy it and try and "bring it back" into fashion. 

From my Paws to yours,


Decoding a New Fashion Trend: Colored Denim

Colored denim are really in this season! Big problem though... people are having trouble decoding the new trend and it is very easy to wind up in a fashtastrophy (fashion catastrophe).
So I thought I would give you all some tips on how to wear colored denim without having a fashion faux paw on your hands.
  • Do not wear the same colored top as the denim. Avoid doing all one color, even all one shade. 
  • Make sure to stick to neutral colors on your top to help balance out the bright colored denim.
  • If you are going to color-block (another big trend) make sure you don't look like your from the 80's. 
  • Stick with skinny-legged jeans, wide-legged colored denim will not be flattering. 

Here are some examples to help you out:

If you have yellow denim... stick to cream or white on top.

If you have cobalt denim... try wearing grey on top, a chambray is always cute!

If you have red denim... go for navy or you could even try something striped!

Joe's "The Skinny" in Fiery Red

From my Paws to yours,

What's Your Favorite Fashion Faux Paw?

I would love to hear what you think the biggest fashion faux paw is! If you are not already, please follow me on twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/FashionFauxPaws) and tweet at me! 

Backpacks and Purses

My friends all know that there are a lot of fashion choices people make that bother me to no end. But I think they would all agree that the fashion decision that makes me go crazy is when a girl wears a purse with her backpack. 

I honestly don't care how practical it is, avoid it as if it were a plague. I know I am being dramatic, but honestly it is for your own good. Wearing both a purse and a backpack is such a fashion faux paw. First off backpacks are a no to begin with, and then when you add a purse into the mix, well that's just the cherry on top. 

Trust me, you don't want to look like a tourist... and you definitely don't want to look like this girl. 

From my Paws to yours,



Dictionary Definition: n. A purse, usually small in size, with a band that is meant to be worn around the wrist.

After being out tonight I realized that there are so many girls who didn't get the message that wrislets are not cute anymore. They haven't been cute for almost a decade when Coach and Juicy Couture were all the rage. I just never could get why you would want to carry around something on your wrist all night. First off, it is uncomfortable and second, it is really awkward. And also, you can hardly fit anything in the damn thing! I think that dictionary definition should sound more like this... 

My Definition: n. A bad attempt at a smaller handbag that hasn't been fashionable since 2002. See examples below: 

From my Paws to yours,



      I dedicated this blog to fashion mistakes that bother the hell out of me. So I thought I would tell you about the fashion faux paw that literally makes me angry... Crocs.

      While some people love crocs, I love to hate anything that has to do with crocs. 

      Mario Batali can’t make them cool... why do you think you can?  And I really don't want to hear the answer "it's because they are really comfortable" because it is not by any means an excuse. 

      Now, don't worry I won't be setting a pair on fire or cutting up a pair with scissors but this is only because I refuse to even buy a pair for the act. 

      So  ... love them? hate them? Let me know what you think! 

      But really only tell me if you agree and hate them too. Otherwise, I honestly don't care. 

From my paws to yours, 


A Don't that is now a Do: Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim used to be my biggest fashion faux paw. Years ago, wearing your Abercrombie and Fitch denim mini and your matching American Eagle denim jacket was social suicide. It has been a major faux paw since the 90's when Justin and Britney wore matching ensembles to the VMA'S.

Nowadays, double denim is back. Unfortunately, it is one of the trickiest trends to pull off and the once again it has become a hazard yet again. And yet, again is has become my biggest fashion faux paw... if not worn correctly. Here are a few ways you can commit a denim fashion faux paw:

  1. Wearing the same denim shade in one ensemble literally hurts my eyes. 
  2. Wearing your denim mini skirt from 8th grade. If you have to dig it out of the bottom of your closet, you shouldn't be wearing it. 
  3. And no matter what anyone says, denim purses are long gone, and stuck in the 80's so don't try and bring them back. 
  4. When wearing denim on denim, there is no need for EVERYTHING to be denim. Especially not your nail polish, Johnny Depp.

From my paws to yours,


Confessions of a Sales Associate

From the moment I started working as a part-time sales associate, everyone had something negative to say about working retail. "The customers will eat you alive!" or "standing on your feet for long periods of time is worse than you think." But no one warned me how hard it would be to smile and tell someone "isn't that bag great?" when you know it is a huge fashion faux paw. 

Today when Mrs. H walked in the store today. She told me she needed a dress to wear to an event this week but just had a baby so she was a little bit self conscious. I immediately grabbed my favorite LBD in the store, the kind everyone needs in their closet and will make you feel pretty on any given day. At the exact same time, Mrs. H grabbed my least favorite bright purple taffeta number that looks like a bad 80's prom dress. 

I bet you know how this story ends up. Yep, that's right Mrs. H chose the purple number and at the moment I realized retail is killing my soul. 


Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Dear Leggings,

I think it’s about time we break up. It’s not you, it’s me. I really didn’t want to have to do this, you are so comfortable and easy to wear but our relationship has to end. We really did have great times but it’s about time I start hanging out with new people, like my jeans. We had a good run, we did. But I need to be on my own, away from you. I treated you like a pair of jeans, and that is not fair to you. I need to move on. While I was with you I gained the “new relationship” weight. You never stopped me from eating, and always fit me no matter how much weight I gained. This relationship is not healthy anymore and I need to make a clean break from you. I will always admire you, and treasure the time we had together but it is time to say goodbye.


What Not to Wear... In the Rain

       It's just another rainy day in Boston, one of the easiest days to commit a fashion faux paw. Trust me, I understand, dressing for the rain is hard and I honestly can't blame you if you have made a mistake... unless you are one of those freshman who wore flip-flops to class today. 
       Today, on this rainy day, I am asking you to do me a few favors. First and foremost, let the rain dampen you, but please do not let it dampen your style. 
So leave your bell-bottom jeans at home, you don't want them dragging on the wet sidewalk. And don't wear your favorite white tee today, let's avoid a wet t-shirt contest on Comm Ave. 
       But, the biggest thing I will ask of you is to choose your rain boots very carefully. My biggest fashion pet peeve on a rainy day are a bad choice in rain boots. There is no need for your boots to have an animal, or a pieces of fruit on them. Printed rain boots just scream "cheesy"! So let's stick to solid colors please, except for silver, you don't want to look like your going to the moon. 

From my paws to yours,


How to Wear Animal Print... the right way.

It's simple. Don't transform into a "jungle freak". 

Wearing animal print dates all the way back to the cave women era where men actually hunted for the real thaaaang.

Here are 5 things to remember when wearing animal print otherwise you are sure to be guilty of a fashion faux paw. 

1) Let your animal print be your statement, keep everything else you are wearing simple   and neutral. You don’t want to look like a wild safari animal on the loose.

2) Never wear animal print from head to toe. That includes your hair, Nicki Minaj. 

3) Mixing animal prints is an absolute NO. You don't want to break out into a full blown animal print fever. 

4) By wearing something animal printed you are already walking on the wild side. There is no need for a short hemline or a low neckline. 

5) Remembering when you are wearing animal prints you are calling attention to yourself, so make sure your wearing the print on your best feature (avoid animal printed pants if you have a bigger bottom or tight tops if you have a larger top half) 

From my paw to yours,


How to Avoid a HalloWEEKEND Fashion Faux Paw

It’s HalloWEEKEND and candy corn, pumpkin carving and provocative costumes are upon us! I know that you think Halloween is supposed to give you the free pass to dress like your inner scandalous self but I will tell you, it is not.

I’ve compiled a little list for all you trick or treater’s on how to avoid a colossal Halloween fashion faux paw:

1.     I know you think your skirt isn’t that short, but I can promise you it is. If you want to be a naughty cop, more power to you! Just pay attention to exactly how short your skirt really is and for your own sake and that of the people standing on the floor while you dance on the table, please wear underwear.
2.     I know you have been dying to buy that American apparel body suit and think Halloween is the only time you can wear it but I’m going to be honest, there is never a time to wear it, so please let your little sister have it for her gymnastics competition.
3.     Most likely you are not the same size you were freshman year (if you are, mazel tov!) for all you other late night Domino’s pizza lovers, please buy your costume in your size, it would truly be a fashion faux pas to show up in a costume that is several sizes too small.
4.     A Halloween costume disaster is usually the consequence for waiting too long to plan a costume. Here’s a hint: just because your blonde 5-foot roommate is willing to lend you her playboy bunny costume from last year on short notice, does not mean you should wear it.
5.     Remember: if it doesn’t look good in the mirror, it doesn’t mean it will look good in Umbria’s dark lighting.
6.     Just because you have them, doesn’t mean you have to flaunt them. You never want to risk pulling a Janet Jackson, circa 2004.

7.   Dressing up in the same colors does not make a costume. Oh and Snooki, a tiara still doesn’t help me to understand who you are.

 8.     80’s is never a good costume idea. But if you decide to go for Jennifer Beals Flashdance style, I warn you, Nylons are not tights, they are see through. Apparently Lilo didn’t get the message.

9.  If you think Halloween is just an excuse to wear lingerie then I am your wake up call. It is not. If I can’t be a wake up call to you, maybe this girl can.

From my paw to yours! -Rachel 


A Fashion Faux Pas= Social Suicide

Everyone has a pet peeve. Maybe your boyfriend leaves the seat up after using your toilet? Or maybe you can’t stand the way your roommate eats with her mouth wide-open? Well, these are two very normal pet peeves, but as you will learn, I am not normal and neither are the things that bother me. My biggest pet peeve is when people commit the ultimate crime: a fashion faux pas. 

Right now your probably thinking a few things to yourself: 
1. I sound obnoxious and you are going to stop reading now or
2. You know exactly what I am talking about and you are thinking about the girl in your class this morning who was wearing fake uggs.

I hate to sound cheesy when I say this, but I have such a passion for fashion and always have. For my blog I obviously wanted to write about my passion but as you might know there are more fashion blogs on the web today than there are girls still wearing their Abercrombie and Fitch denim skirt, so I decided to put my own twist on fashion blogging.

So if you are still reading after that last dig, I will apologize in advance if I ever offend you, even if it is your fault. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. So here it is... from the paws of Rachel Moskowitz.