How to Avoid a HalloWEEKEND Fashion Faux Paw

It’s HalloWEEKEND and candy corn, pumpkin carving and provocative costumes are upon us! I know that you think Halloween is supposed to give you the free pass to dress like your inner scandalous self but I will tell you, it is not.

I’ve compiled a little list for all you trick or treater’s on how to avoid a colossal Halloween fashion faux paw:

1.     I know you think your skirt isn’t that short, but I can promise you it is. If you want to be a naughty cop, more power to you! Just pay attention to exactly how short your skirt really is and for your own sake and that of the people standing on the floor while you dance on the table, please wear underwear.
2.     I know you have been dying to buy that American apparel body suit and think Halloween is the only time you can wear it but I’m going to be honest, there is never a time to wear it, so please let your little sister have it for her gymnastics competition.
3.     Most likely you are not the same size you were freshman year (if you are, mazel tov!) for all you other late night Domino’s pizza lovers, please buy your costume in your size, it would truly be a fashion faux pas to show up in a costume that is several sizes too small.
4.     A Halloween costume disaster is usually the consequence for waiting too long to plan a costume. Here’s a hint: just because your blonde 5-foot roommate is willing to lend you her playboy bunny costume from last year on short notice, does not mean you should wear it.
5.     Remember: if it doesn’t look good in the mirror, it doesn’t mean it will look good in Umbria’s dark lighting.
6.     Just because you have them, doesn’t mean you have to flaunt them. You never want to risk pulling a Janet Jackson, circa 2004.

7.   Dressing up in the same colors does not make a costume. Oh and Snooki, a tiara still doesn’t help me to understand who you are.

 8.     80’s is never a good costume idea. But if you decide to go for Jennifer Beals Flashdance style, I warn you, Nylons are not tights, they are see through. Apparently Lilo didn’t get the message.

9.  If you think Halloween is just an excuse to wear lingerie then I am your wake up call. It is not. If I can’t be a wake up call to you, maybe this girl can.

From my paw to yours! -Rachel 


A Fashion Faux Pas= Social Suicide

Everyone has a pet peeve. Maybe your boyfriend leaves the seat up after using your toilet? Or maybe you can’t stand the way your roommate eats with her mouth wide-open? Well, these are two very normal pet peeves, but as you will learn, I am not normal and neither are the things that bother me. My biggest pet peeve is when people commit the ultimate crime: a fashion faux pas. 

Right now your probably thinking a few things to yourself: 
1. I sound obnoxious and you are going to stop reading now or
2. You know exactly what I am talking about and you are thinking about the girl in your class this morning who was wearing fake uggs.

I hate to sound cheesy when I say this, but I have such a passion for fashion and always have. For my blog I obviously wanted to write about my passion but as you might know there are more fashion blogs on the web today than there are girls still wearing their Abercrombie and Fitch denim skirt, so I decided to put my own twist on fashion blogging.

So if you are still reading after that last dig, I will apologize in advance if I ever offend you, even if it is your fault. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. So here it is... from the paws of Rachel Moskowitz.