A Fashion Faux Pas= Social Suicide

Everyone has a pet peeve. Maybe your boyfriend leaves the seat up after using your toilet? Or maybe you can’t stand the way your roommate eats with her mouth wide-open? Well, these are two very normal pet peeves, but as you will learn, I am not normal and neither are the things that bother me. My biggest pet peeve is when people commit the ultimate crime: a fashion faux pas. 

Right now your probably thinking a few things to yourself: 
1. I sound obnoxious and you are going to stop reading now or
2. You know exactly what I am talking about and you are thinking about the girl in your class this morning who was wearing fake uggs.

I hate to sound cheesy when I say this, but I have such a passion for fashion and always have. For my blog I obviously wanted to write about my passion but as you might know there are more fashion blogs on the web today than there are girls still wearing their Abercrombie and Fitch denim skirt, so I decided to put my own twist on fashion blogging.

So if you are still reading after that last dig, I will apologize in advance if I ever offend you, even if it is your fault. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. So here it is... from the paws of Rachel Moskowitz. 

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