Confessions of a Sales Associate

From the moment I started working as a part-time sales associate, everyone had something negative to say about working retail. "The customers will eat you alive!" or "standing on your feet for long periods of time is worse than you think." But no one warned me how hard it would be to smile and tell someone "isn't that bag great?" when you know it is a huge fashion faux paw. 

Today when Mrs. H walked in the store today. She told me she needed a dress to wear to an event this week but just had a baby so she was a little bit self conscious. I immediately grabbed my favorite LBD in the store, the kind everyone needs in their closet and will make you feel pretty on any given day. At the exact same time, Mrs. H grabbed my least favorite bright purple taffeta number that looks like a bad 80's prom dress. 

I bet you know how this story ends up. Yep, that's right Mrs. H chose the purple number and at the moment I realized retail is killing my soul. 

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