To Fanny or Not to Fanny?

Fanny packs are a clear fashion versus function issue. But as you probably know, I am always opting for fashion rather than function and to be honest it bothers me when others don't do the same.

Each year a few designers create fanny packs and people buy them just because they are Dolce and Gabbana, or Prada. Most memorably, the Gucci "waist bag" worn by Carrie Bradshaw, just because Carrie did it, doesn't mean you should.

And now, the hipster kids over at American Apparel decided to make the 90's fashion a trend again.

Decades after fanny packs were all the rage, they are starting to creep back on the scene. But honestly they are too small to hold any of your stuff to begin with, so why bother with the humiliation and risk looking like Hulk Hogan himself. 

From my Paws to yours,

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  1. only time of the year you can pull off an american apparel fanny pack... Marathon Monday? hate carrying stuff, will def lose an actual bag