I dedicated this blog to fashion mistakes that bother the hell out of me. So I thought I would tell you about the fashion faux paw that literally makes me angry... Crocs.

      While some people love crocs, I love to hate anything that has to do with crocs. 

      Mario Batali can’t make them cool... why do you think you can?  And I really don't want to hear the answer "it's because they are really comfortable" because it is not by any means an excuse. 

      Now, don't worry I won't be setting a pair on fire or cutting up a pair with scissors but this is only because I refuse to even buy a pair for the act. 

      So  ... love them? hate them? Let me know what you think! 

      But really only tell me if you agree and hate them too. Otherwise, I honestly don't care. 

From my paws to yours, 



  1. Hate hate hate! They don't look good on anyone. Not even little children can pull them off!


  2. what about furry crocs?.....

    jk still not okay