A Don't that is now a Do: Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim used to be my biggest fashion faux paw. Years ago, wearing your Abercrombie and Fitch denim mini and your matching American Eagle denim jacket was social suicide. It has been a major faux paw since the 90's when Justin and Britney wore matching ensembles to the VMA'S.

Nowadays, double denim is back. Unfortunately, it is one of the trickiest trends to pull off and the once again it has become a hazard yet again. And yet, again is has become my biggest fashion faux paw... if not worn correctly. Here are a few ways you can commit a denim fashion faux paw:

  1. Wearing the same denim shade in one ensemble literally hurts my eyes. 
  2. Wearing your denim mini skirt from 8th grade. If you have to dig it out of the bottom of your closet, you shouldn't be wearing it. 
  3. And no matter what anyone says, denim purses are long gone, and stuck in the 80's so don't try and bring them back. 
  4. When wearing denim on denim, there is no need for EVERYTHING to be denim. Especially not your nail polish, Johnny Depp.

From my paws to yours,

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