Kitten Heels: The Fashion Trend I Love to Hate

I asked you all to tweet at me your favorite fashion faux paw and I would dedicate a post to your favorite fashion mistake. So here it goes...
There's no excuse for kitten heels, and if you have one, I honestly don't want to hear it. I am sorry to be harsh, but I have to be honest. I really do think kitten heels (and by kitten heels, I mean any heels less than 2 inches) are the worst fashion trend... ever. The point of a heel is to elongate the leg, and the kitten heel does nothing of the sort. In my opinion if your not going to wear heels over 3 inches tall I say "go flat or go home" and I mean it. I understand that women find kitten heels to be very comfortable, but so are flats, and sandals. So really, there is no excuse. 

It's simple. Kitten heels are ugly. There is a reason why they call them the ugly step-sister of the stiletto. 

So let me know- what do you think of kitten heels? Love to hate 'em too? 

From My Paws to Yours,

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