I am a firm believer that the etymology of Uggs comes from the word "ugly". Uggs are the worst fashion trend of 2003 and apparently are here to stay. Unlike the other fashion faux pas I have been blogging about, I actually own and wear this faux pas. Even though I own them, I agree they are the worst fashion statement to come to America. Uggs make feet look really big, they are expensive, obnoxious, they aren't even waterproof and they are probably the least attractive/sexy shoe around. 
But if your like me and have a love/ hate relationship with them and can't seem to get rid of the fashion faux pas, here are some pointers on how to wear them to avoid a fashtastrophy:

-Do not buy them in any colors, prints or glitter
-Do not wear them with mini skirts, especially not denim minis
-Never wear them in warm weather
-Never wear uggs with bare-leggs
-Do not wear them to work, or actually out of the house unless your running a quick errand or going to the library 

From my Paws to yours,

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