How to Wear Animal Print... the right way.

It's simple. Don't transform into a "jungle freak". 

Wearing animal print dates all the way back to the cave women era where men actually hunted for the real thaaaang.

Here are 5 things to remember when wearing animal print otherwise you are sure to be guilty of a fashion faux paw. 

1) Let your animal print be your statement, keep everything else you are wearing simple   and neutral. You don’t want to look like a wild safari animal on the loose.

2) Never wear animal print from head to toe. That includes your hair, Nicki Minaj. 

3) Mixing animal prints is an absolute NO. You don't want to break out into a full blown animal print fever. 

4) By wearing something animal printed you are already walking on the wild side. There is no need for a short hemline or a low neckline. 

5) Remembering when you are wearing animal prints you are calling attention to yourself, so make sure your wearing the print on your best feature (avoid animal printed pants if you have a bigger bottom or tight tops if you have a larger top half) 

From my paw to yours,

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