What Not to Wear... In the Rain

       It's just another rainy day in Boston, one of the easiest days to commit a fashion faux paw. Trust me, I understand, dressing for the rain is hard and I honestly can't blame you if you have made a mistake... unless you are one of those freshman who wore flip-flops to class today. 
       Today, on this rainy day, I am asking you to do me a few favors. First and foremost, let the rain dampen you, but please do not let it dampen your style. 
So leave your bell-bottom jeans at home, you don't want them dragging on the wet sidewalk. And don't wear your favorite white tee today, let's avoid a wet t-shirt contest on Comm Ave. 
       But, the biggest thing I will ask of you is to choose your rain boots very carefully. My biggest fashion pet peeve on a rainy day are a bad choice in rain boots. There is no need for your boots to have an animal, or a pieces of fruit on them. Printed rain boots just scream "cheesy"! So let's stick to solid colors please, except for silver, you don't want to look like your going to the moon. 

From my paws to yours,


  1. HUNTER boots are the way to go. Great colors and comfy!

  2. agreeed ... hunter boots cause theyre plain but still cool! and realistically, black is probably the way to go so that they match everything. like yellow or red are fun, but almost nothing matches yellow. yuck